Cover art of Leonard Luka ep 'MIMICRY'

New ep!


Nov 5th 2021

This 3-part EP is all about Leonard's search for identity packed in an alternative R&B sound. It touches on his Indonesian heritage, the polarizing present and building a future of hope. The EP has gathered well over 300.000 streams since it's initial release and sets the tone for the ever-changing evolution of Leonard Luka.

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Cover art of 'Misdirection'


Sep 10th 2021

Misdirection is about coming to terms with the pressure of social media, channeling the frustration into an energetic, hyper nu-funk track.

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Cover art of 'Crossfield'


May 14th 2021

Crossfield is a song that pays tribute to my heritage and the people who gave their lives for it.

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Cover art of 'Kimono'


Jun 26th 2020

Kimono is a song about adapting, finding your identity in a more polarizing world.

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Cover art of 'Boy'


Jun 27th 2017

Boy is the result of locking oneself up for months in the studio and just pour everything out with no restraints.

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Cover art of 'White Noise'

White Noise

Jun 27th 2017

White Noise is the lead single of Boy and describes a state of dissociation on a lonely night.

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